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BaBér - Payroll software

The development of the BaBér payroll management program system began in 1998. The developer of the program is Soft Consulting Hungary Zrt., which specifically deals with payroll management program system development. The BaBér payroll management system is a Windows-based program package with an MS SQL database manager developed in an environment that meets today's requirements. Since the product was launched on the market in 2000, more than a thousand companies have chosen this program. Among them, you can find all kinds of companies, from businesses with a few employees to large companies with 16,000 employees, from production companies to accounting offices.

The BaBér payroll software is a Windows based software package designed to meet today's requirements and provides uncompromising knowledge. The development process was guided by the fact that the system had to be built on a device and platform that guaranteed to be technologically non-depreciable over the long term. 

The system, supported by continuous legal compliance, meets the requirements of the Hungarian payroll market. Due to its modular structure the system can be upgraded at any time, but the basic payroll software contains every function from taking on an employee, wage accounting and providing data to an employee leaving. 

The BaBér payroll software is used by variety large number of companies. Our clients are different by size, location and field of activity. Sometimes it happens that within one company, regardless of the location of the host machine, users work on the same file in several corners of the country, but in this case, they do not have to purchase separate licenses.

The BaBér payroll software provides outstanding opportunities for accountancy firms: we do not charge any premium fee based on the number of companies, and the payroll software has solutions (mutual dictionaries, mutual data reporting) which support multi-company users.

General information

  • The program can be used on a local computer or on a network.
  • It works fast and its hardware requirements are small.
  • It is able to manage employees in respect of more than one premises and in a multi-department environment.
  • It contains chronological analytics in order to follow up changes related to employees.
  • It is configurable to meet users’ needs, but users do not get lost amongst the options, because the program is installed with a basic setup that immediately allows to work with the current regulations.
  • The structure is modular, the modules can be used independently, although they use common data files. It means that it is enough to enter data into the system only once, and then they are available.
  • It supports administration with automatic data entry features. E. g., it fills the birth date from the tax identification number etc. 
  • Its permission system permits to disable any unauthorized access.
  • It provides a variety of options to save or reload employees’ data. 
  • Its update feature informs the user that a later version is available on our website.
  • The lists are available in different file formats (.xls, .doc, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, rich text etc.) You can make lists for matrix printer as well.
  • It permits to import data in many ways. The general import program easily integrates data from .xls file. In addition, it is possible to add a large number of payment and deduction items at the same time. The payroll software permits to enter group items, i. e., it is not necessary to enter employee’s data one by one.
  • It permits to import time and income data. Those companies that have an online time sheet system or a production control system are able to import data from .csv file. With this solution provides that the user can define fields without a developer.
  • It can be used in the same way as any Windows-based programs, but it may also be run from a keyboard.

Modules and services

Of course, the basic Wages module also contains all the necessary payroll accounting capabilities, but as the name implies, the user gets a complex partner only for the payroll tasks, so it's definitely worth adding the Labor Affairs module, too. In addition to the Labor Affairs module, the software offers countless expansion options for its users, such as managing social security paying agencies.

In addition to the 4 basic modules (Wages, Labour Affairs, Sick Pay, Reporter) there are some special modules as well which include special services. Take a look at them!

  • Wages module
  • Labour Affairs module
  • Sick Pay module
  • Unique modules
  • Cafeteria module
  • e-Attendance module
  • e-Cafeteria module