infoMátrix Zrt.

infoMátrix ERP system software requirements

The infoMátrix software is a general-purpose enterprise management (ERP) system equipped with a number of sector-specific additional modules.
During its planning and development, we kept in mind the specific administration and logistics aspects of the various sectors. infoMátrix is a Microsoft SQL-based program with a graphical interface. This technology enables high data security and short response times. It can be put into operation and operated in any modern IT infrastructure as a result of its low demand on the workstations' capabilities and the program code that emphasizes economical data traffic. The administration of companies with multiple locations can be solved via an internet connection.

infoMatrix runtime environment

The runtime environment is a file package that rarely changes, which allows us to keep the size of the installation set of the current software version at a low level, facilitating a quick version change.

Microsoft SQL Native Client

The Microsoft SQL Native Client ensures the connection between the computer running infoMátrix and the SQL server that stores the infoMátrix database and performs the same operations, allowing the running infoMátrix instance to access and make requests in the database.

The currently supported, official version of the infoMátrix

The current software version is available from the link below.