infoMátrix Zrt.


We help our interested visitors to make their decision with a free demonstration. We install and configure the system upon request. If required, our partner can keep your data in the storage space provided by us. We train future operators to use the system and to map the business processes correctly. We undertake the migration of data accumulated in the previous IT system. By providing customer service, we provide immediate help to operators who are stuck, unsure or simply inexperienced. On the user pages of our website, we inform you about the novelties of the latest versions, downloadable materials help you use the rare functions. We constantly adapt the system's solutions to the changing legal environment. We are working on the development of the system without interruption. We regularly come up with more efficient, more comfortable and innovative solutions.

System monitoring, legal compliance

We consider our legal compliance service extremely important. This ensures that the user can quickly follow the legislation and internal company changes, and modify the software as needed.

InfoMátrix Ltd. mostly provides the service to its partners within the framework of a flat-rate contract, but in addition to a stand-by contract, it is also possible to meet ad-hoc needs. We also undertake the creation of unique data retrieval and additional functions.

Program updates can be tracked based on development and testing logs. InfoMátrix Ltd. provides development capacity for implementing legislative changes appearing in the Hungarian Gazette through the systems. He studies the changes in the individual sectoral legislation at the request of the contracted customer and makes the necessary changes in accordance with the implementation rules. InfoMátrix Ltd. undertakes to transform the program used by the contracted customer in the necessary manner, even in the case of special sectoral or lower-level legislative changes, within a maximum of one month after notification.