infoMátrix Zrt.


We help our interested visitors to make their decision with a free demonstration. We install and configure the system upon request. If required, our partner can keep your data in the storage space provided by us. We train future operators to use the system and to map the business processes correctly. We undertake the migration of data accumulated in the previous IT system. By providing customer service, we provide immediate help to operators who are stuck, unsure or simply inexperienced. On the user pages of our website, we inform you about the novelties of the latest versions, downloadable materials help you use the rare functions. We constantly adapt the system's solutions to the changing legal environment. We are working on the development of the system without interruption. We regularly come up with more efficient, more comfortable and innovative solutions.


Our company lays special emphasis on organizing trainings for its installed systems. Effective usage is largely affected by the know-how and practical experience of system users. It is our aim to support present and future clients with a multi-level training system.

Trainings for Users

Basic user skills related to the system and to management processes are conveyed though small group trainings.

Trainings for System Administrators

The training of system administrators happens in two steps. First, they get acquainted with the system on user level and then acquire all the information that is needed in order to understand deeper relations and accomplish daily backups and checking.

Managerial Trainings

Within a separate training, we support members of the management in fast and effective mastering of the managerial module in Hospitaly-medMátrix system.